Fresh Home Design Trends for 2019

Finding or building your perfect home is easy with Newmark Homes. In Macomb County, we build homes in desirable neighborhoods such as Black Hills Estates, Windridge Estates, and Riviera Ridge. And, with us, you can choose to design and build a custom home from the bottom up or select one our beautiful ready-to-move-in homes.

Of course, after finding or building your dream, the décor is entirely up to you. This is the fun part of moving into a new home – giving it the look that truly fits your taste, lifestyle, and personality. With modern home design, the sky is literally the limit. You can easily blend classic styles with contemporary touches to come up with a unique look that is all your own.

However, to get you started with a little inspiration, here are some of the most popular home design trends for 2019. Out of the list, it is likely that you will find at least one idea that you love!

Five of the Most Popular 2019 Home Design Trends

Whether you are moving into a new home or just want to refresh the décor of your existing home, here are some fun and fresh ideas from leading interior decorators.

  1. Velvet Sofas and Chairs: This funky and luxurious fabric has made its way back into the limelight once again, and interior designers are excited to show homeowners how it can easily be incorporated into living rooms and dens. Loud or subdued, a little velvet in your décor can get you in touch with your inner disco diva.
  2. Copper Accents: Last year, it was all about the rose gold, but copper is projected to be all the rage in 2019. As interior design gravitates more toward natural elements, the warm rustic vibe of copper just makes sense. Use it on walls, around fireplaces, or on bannisters as the perfect accompaniment to an earth tone pallet.
  3. Millennial Pink: This is a carry-over from 2018, and this subtle pink shade is still getting a lot of attention. Perfect with rose gold or copper accents, this trendy hue adds warmth and style to any room in the house.
  4. Bucket Sinks: Also called Trough Sinks, these vintage-inspired sinks could come straight out of a farmhouse. However, with the right faucets and corresponding décor, bucket sinks can achieve surprising elegance – while adding a perfect dash of nostalgia to your bathroom or kitchen.
  5. Agate Wallpaper: Wallpaper, in general, made a surprising comeback in 2018. And, now, you can get gorgeous wallpaper with glowing agate designs to compliment other natural, warm elements in your home. Choose a subtle brown, gold, or tan shade, or get creative with blues, purples, and orange tones for walls that really pop.

No matter what you love in home design, Newmark Homes has built or can design the perfect home for you and your family!

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